~ Care-fully Crafted & Beyond Organic ~

Welcome!!  We put so much love into everything we do on our farm...

From Beyond Organic practices to showering our land and our animals with love....

Our meat is unlike any other because we are WildRoots Family Farm! 

We invite you to try our meat and taste the Magic. 

Welcome to our site, our farm, and our world of deeply nourishing food.

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We are so excited to produce food we love for people we love.

It starts with our connection to and reverence for the Earth.  We tend the Earth, give thanks for the bounty, feed and nourish the animals that live on the Earth, and take only what we need.  We always listen to what the Earth is asking for.  We care deeply about our animals, their health, and therefore... all of our health.

Fresh, clean, healthy goodness is our goal.  We can taste it in our food, and we think you will too!  We put the love into the Fields, and all those creatures who thrive in those fields, and bring the goodness to YOU.


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Oconomowoc, WI